Hair Loss from Covid

Not to worry, it will grow back.

I have been asked to write a little blog on Hair loss due to COVID, so I rolled up my sleeves and dug in to find what the professionals are saying about hair loss due to COVID.  Many professionals agree that fever can cause a temporary loss of hair.  Not to worry, it will grow back.  But there are some things that you can do right now to head off too much hair loss.

One is to take a supplement Biotin.  Also, the use of Biotin shampoo and conditioner can go a long way in stopping the immense hair loss that can happen from having a fever. This is what the experts say:

We are seeing patients who had COVID-19 two to three months ago and are now experiencing hair loss. I think the timing is really crucial,” says Dr. Khetarpal.

The phenomenon is telogen effluvium, a nonscarring hair loss that is the result of an abnormal shift in follicular cycling.

Shock to the System

“We see this a fair amount in dermatology,” Dr. Khetarpal explains. “Essentially, it is a temporary hair loss from excessive shedding due to a shock to the system. There are several common triggers, such as surgery, major physical or psychological trauma, any kind of infection or high fever, extreme weight loss, or a change in diet. Hormonal changes, such as post-partum or menopause, can also be a cause. There are other medical or nutritional conditions that can trigger this as well.”

The growth cycle of hair is a constant.  Only about 10 percent is in the shedding stage most of the time. But a shock, stress, or illness can trigger up to a 50{e12c0cf0eebb0f072b6683a0a48eb16594d80091c3d09684172fc9929c7c2cd7} hair loss.  It is best to help your hair and scalp when you notice the onset of hair loss.

We here at Private Label skincare Florida, have many options in the shampoo arena to help halt the onset of hair loss and help it to regrow as fast as possible.  Call us today for more information on how you can add these wonderful formulas to your line, and help your client base on their way to regrow their hair.

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