Hollywood’s Most Wanted: $500.00 (and Up!) Face Cream; Is it worth it? Are you serious, really?

Remember when spending $350 on an anti-aging face cream was gawk-worthy? Well, prepare for sticker shock … price tags like that are now considered bargain basement with the proliferation of tricked out power potions selling for upwards of $1,800. Does this price tag really mean it is better?

Brand name recognition triggers value in the minds of many consumers, whether it’s for fashion, spirits or cars. And in a town where youth is revered and image is everything, the possibility of a smoother, more glowing complexion, tighter skin and fewer visible wrinkles from the confines of a four-figure, 2-ounce jar of scientifically advanced goodness is quite seductive. While it is very true that the best ingredients make the best formula, and may carry a healthy price tag of $2,000.00 a KG., that does not mean that the end product should sell for $2,000.00, it is the know-how of the chemist, and the combination of ingredients and when to put them in the formula that makes it a work of art.

Some creams are coming in at a whopping $1,800 for a 30 ml glass bottle

Some creams are coming in at a whopping $1,800 for a 30 ml glass bottle, question is, is it better? And Why is it better? Does a higher price mean better results? While it’s tough to deny the spellbinding allure of skincare in beautiful packaging, Dr. Nancy Samolitis of Facile Dermatology + Boutique believes there are also many effective anti-aging ingredients that are both more affordable and have the science to back them up. “I see great results with Vitamin C, Retinol and Glycolic Acid,” she says. “Spend the money on in-office treatments and for your home regime, complement with more economical skincare (meaning less than $200) that also offers data from controlled clinical trials.” The way ingredients are put together makes the difference. “The price is a combination of the quality of the ingredients, the skill of the Chemist, how they’re assembled, in what stages, and in what concentrations. This is the “ART” of skincare formulation.

I recently interviewed a famous Beverly Hills Plastic surgeon…

I recently interviewed a famous Beverly Hills Plastic surgeon, who wants to create the “Best possible skincare line”, with all the very best ingredients, to sell to the end user at a very modest price. He feels that his clients deserve the very best without the exorbitant price tag. He is a true artist in his field and is the go-to guy to fix what other Plastic Surgeons may have botched.

Is it possible to re-create these pricey creams and serums at a reasonable price?

Is it possible to re-create these pricey creams and serums at a reasonable price? Yes, it is, the ingredients in these pricey creams are available to everyone, and we here at Private Label Skincare Florida pride ourselves at finding the best cutting-edge ingredients that not only are effective, but the best money can buy. Contact us for more information.

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