Let’s talk about Men’s Grooming!

Ten years ago, when it came to men’s grooming, it would have been hard to convince the average man to use more than a single block of soap to look after himself from top to toe, let alone a root-boosting hair tonic, acid night serum or stem cell night cream.

To save you the mortal embarrassment of heading to the emergency room having ingested half a tub of sugar wax, we have put together a definitive guide to all things male grooming: a mini handbook on hair, and on manscaping, and many other of the latest products. You get the idea. It all right here in this blog.

The gay community was one the earliest adopters of male grooming during the 1970s, from the ultra-preened and “plucked-all-over” look to the ‘hairy bear’ tribes. A few decades later in the noughties, the football pitch became the next global platform, with the likes of David Beckham (who now has his own range of men’s grooming products) first castigated then celebrated for his ‘metrosexual’ commitment to cosmetics.

Simultaneously, there was a rapidly growing obsession with the gym body. All the while, with the female market reaching saturation, beauty brands began eyeing the men’s category as ripe for growth. Fast forward to the present day, and global revenues in men’s grooming are expected to reach $78 billion by 2023, according to research firm IMARC. It’s high time to put these products out as your brand! We will talk about that very shortly after you understand just why we want you to consider having a men’s line.

Global warming has had an impact, too. Recent summers have brought some of the hottest days ever recorded around the world, resulting in a ‘spike in self-tanning, and a 30 percent increase in male body waxing, according to beauty booking platform “Treatwell.”

What is clear is that guys continue to embrace men’s grooming in all its forms, with no slowdown in sight. You only need to search YouTube to find men waxing everything (nearly) Lol!


No man ever won points for adulting by using the same bar of soap on his danglies and his face. Aside from not being clogged with nasties, a face wash designed specifically for your skin type will be pH-balanced at 5.5pH to avoid leaving your skin feeling tight, uncomfortable or dry. Our Clarifying Face wash is just the ticket!

Though Tom Ford prescribes to the two-times-a-day school of men’s grooming, outside of showering it’s not necessary to cleanse your face more than once a day – with the emphasis on a good scrub down to remove dirt and grime before bed.

Sonic cleansing brushes add a luxury element to the ritual and work as a pre-shave prep, lifting, and softening stubble. They also offer a deeper cleanse; helpful if you live or work in a city and are exposed to air pollution all day.

 Tip: Don’t be scared of oil-based cleansers, they won’t cause spots and are kinder to dry and mature skin types. We have that too! Our Cleansing Facial oil is incredible!


Unless you want to look like something found behind a crypt door, using a great moisturizer is an essential part of the male grooming routine.

To start your day off right, leave the house with the skin protected against environmental aggressors. We have the perfect one. Energizing formula can also help pep up tired-looking skin and hide the evidence of nocturnal activity. Our Hydrating Face Cream is very light and very hydrating.

After sundown, the skin enters repair mode, so boost its internal functions with a specific night cream or nourishing formula designed to promote cell renewal and stave off the signs of aging. We have some of the best. Our Youth boost daily cream with super anti-aging benefits is incredible, or you may want to try Retinol night cream.


Every day the human body sheds around 50 million flakes of skin, the equivalent of around 0.03 and 0.09g of skin every hour. (Sorry if you were eating.) This is important to keep your face looking fresh, however, the turnover of new cells decreases as we age, meaning we need to give the natural process a helping hand.

Exfoliation refers to the removal of the very top layer of the epidermis. The benefits of this include keeping pores clearer and blemishes at bay and making skin feel and look smoother.

We have a couple of incredible exfoliators: Honey Exfoliating scrub, and Creamy scrub, both with natural exfoliators.

 Tip: Exfoliating every day can be harsh and ultimately counterproductive – once or twice a week is ideal.


Before you start running back to the body wash aisle, don’t be scared by all these newfangled names. Serum is essentially moisturizer 2.0.

They are made up of much smaller molecules than traditional creams, making them able to target specific concerns like wrinkles or pigmentation using more potent ingredients.

Serums and similar facial oils can be used in conjunction or in place of a traditional moisturizer. It’s all about finding the right texture and combination that works for your skin.

 Tip: Moisturizer ever feel too greasy or heavy? A serum is probably what you need. Our Super Peptide Gel Serum is incredible, as is the Retinal Serum, especially if you are over 30.



Most guys like to think they have the whole hair washing thing down, but while it may seem routine, not all are doing it right. There you are in the shower, washing your hair with a high pH shampoo that is running all over your body stripping not only your hair but your skin as well. Then if you look down you will see lots of hair in that drain trap! This is a huge concern these days as the loss of hair is more than that!  It is also a loss of confidence.  While shaving or waxing bald has become fashionable, it is still a stigma for some.  Our Tea Tree Biotin Shampoo is incredible for helping with thinning hair.  Washing your hair every day is not necessary, and if you give your hair a break, you will find that it will do a reset, and not require you to wash it every day after a couple weeks.

Of course, there can be times when a rinse and repeat is required, such as to remove the build-up from hair products. But even in this case, less is often always more.

 Tip: Shampoo bars offer an eco-friendlier way to wash your hair. We also have those, and conditioner bars as well, but these are not sold in less than 1,000 pieces. They are also pH-balanced!  You will not find that anywhere else!

Conditioning:  There is no reason, just because your hair is not long, that you don’t need to condition it occasionally unless you like having your hair stand on end from static!  Or frizz up every time the humidity changes. Putting on one of our conditioners, like Tea Tree Biotin conditioner will make the frizz and static a thing of the past.


Ask any hairstylist worth their Barbicide and they’ll say the same thing: when it comes to men’s grooming products, we should be using less, not more.

Whether it’s pomade or clay, always start with a pea-sized amount. Work this forward from the back of the head to ensure you don’t have too much product around the front.

Aside from making sure you are matching the right product with your hair type, style and condition, it’s important to know how different techniques affect the finished result. Using a hairdryer will help you achieve a more polished finish whereas applying to wet hair will give a rough and ready look. We have both Hair Pomade, And Clay for your hair, try them both!

Tip: Before applying to your hair, warm the product up in your palms. This makes it more pliable and easier to work through the hair.




You must be a very special sort of person to genuinely enjoy shaving. We assume you also like changing bed sheets too. However, not all guys want to (or even can)  grow a beard, making it a necessary evil.

There’s still plenty of reasons to get on board with a bare face. Apart from standing out from the bearded crowd, facial hair often goes greyer faster than what’s on your head, so getting rid could suddenly take years off.

There are other reasons too. Because of the exfoliation the razor gives, it allows your skin to get the most out of masks, scrubs, and serums while helping to minimize spots and blemishes. Providing you follow all the right pre- and post-shaving steps in your male grooming routine.


1.  Feel the heat: Shaving after a warm bath or shower helps to soften the stubble and open the pores, resulting in a much closer shave.

2.  Preparation: Exfoliating or using an electronic cleansing brush makes light work for your razor by lifting the hairs, help to avoid ingrown in the process.

3.  Leave tricky spots until last: Start with flat areas like the cheeks. From there move on to the upper lip, then take your time to avoid any nicks around fiddly areas like the chin and the ears.

4.  Cool the burn: A final splash of cold water will help close the pores, then apply a post-shave balm to nourish and cool the skin. A light splash of our Anti-Oxidant toner would be divine.


‘Peak beard’ (remember that daft proclamation from 2014?) never really became a thing. In fact, grooming trends have meant we’ve seen more than a few of our favorite tastemakers walking around with a carefully crafted, seventies-style mustache. That doesn’t mean your facial hair doesn’t need the occasional trim stay looking sharp. Pay attention and keep it trimmed!  Never let your lady see you biting on your facial hair, nothing more irritating believe me.

 We have Beard Balm, as well as Beard Shampoo, and Beard oil to help you out.

Well, there you are!  Please let us know if you need further information on men’s grooming!  Just one more thing, we have this incredible product that is wonderful for men’s private area, it keeps a man fresh and dry.  It goes on like a cream and dries to a powder!  It’s Cream to powder and it is a wonder! No more chafing or wet bottoms even in extreme heat and with no talc!  Try it, even on your baby!

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