Melding Science and Aesthetic

Since our inception, Private Label Skincare Florida has specialized in the creation and production of premium skin and hair care products to countless clients, and in turn to hundreds of thousands of consumers. We employ cutting edge ingredients, constant research, and imagination to bring the most creative, unique natural and organic products to many skincare and cosmetic brands.

 It takes artistry, excellence, creativity and passion for personal care manufacturing and formulation methodology, to bring the type of first-class products to our ever-expanding elite list of clients.

By offering dynamic and cutting-edge formulations, with result heavy benefits, you can more easily market your products. We believe to achieve excellent functionality, you can’t cut corners on quality, as that is essential to an incredibly effective product. We believe that we have changed the face of the private label skin and hair care sector with our constant research for new and exciting ingredients that really deliver results fast!

If you are looking for something that is your own proprietary blend, we are here to listen to your needs and help you create a formula with your desired “Hero” ingredient that is truly unique to your brand.

Our team of expert chemists, R&D Professionals, and Quality Assurance Specialists know the importance of both aesthetics and science and are dedicated to helping you achieve your dream and bring it to market. Our research and development team will guide you through the entire process, which will help you navigate the possible misinformation floating out there, which can often stop free thinkers in their tracks.

Once you approve your samples and we have completed our standard stability testing, it’s time to pace your order. Custom manufacturing minimums begin 1,000 pieces per SKU for most products, with a batching potential of up to 1000 gallons per day. Custom products may be purchased in any of our standard packaging options so you can add them to existing private label collections if desired. We can also work with client-supplied packaging for a true contract manufacturing experience and the lowest prices to you.

All the products we manufacture are researched and tested by our development team before it is released to any of our clients existing or new. That team consists of designers, Cosmetic Chemists, highly trained quality assurance experts, consumers, and skilled production and equipment sterilizing staff. As a cruelty-free manufacturer, we test only on human volunteers, composed of our team members, and we never test on animals.

Private Label Skincare Florida has a commitment to conducting business in a manner that complies with the highest legal and ethical standards. We are a certified organic facility specializing in natural and organic formulations. We also strive to create formulas with the proper pH balance for hair and skin, which ensures the best results for the end-users’ skin and hair. Ethical conduct is part of our core values, which apply to all employees and associates and offer specific guidance of our company’s expectations.

To ensure the consistent well being of our clients, we subscribe to the following guidelines for business practices:

  • Ethical treatment of customers and suppliers
  • No negative or misleading comments about other competitive companies
  • No unethical marketing or business practices
  • Respect for the basic rights of workers
  • Adhering to strict health, safety, and environmental standards
  • No animal testing

Our Client list includes both large and small established brands, along with new start-ups in the area of beauty, aesthetics, skin and hair salons and studios, physicians, plastic surgeons, and like-minded entrepreneurs.

We Welcome Custom Formulation

If you have a concept for a custom skincare product – cleansers, exfoliators, moisturizers, wrinkle treatments or any other product you can conceptualize – our team of qualified chemists can create a formulation tailored to your specifications.

We invite you to visit

We have a first-class facility which we are very proud of, so we invite you to come for a tour and promise you an unbeatable experience.

To schedule a call with our product specialist, please fill out the brief form below and let us know when it would be best to give you a call.

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