Part 1 – Aging beautifully, fight it or embrace it?

I’ve always looked at it this way, creating a “beautiful life” in all that I do, has gone a long way in preserving what beauty I had when I was young.  I am a grandmother and great-grandmother, and find much beauty in my life, and wish to create that for all.  I can tell you that it takes a little bit of fighting, and lots of embracing, creating and changing.  I will be writing more blogs about creating, changing and embracing aging, that I hope will help you look at the future in a different way and help you to bring your vision to market.

Developing incredible products here at Private Label Skin Care Florida has been the total joy in my life.  Helping clients to bring their dreams to reality is so rewarding. Helping to bring beautiful and functional products to the end user is a sheer joy.  Working in a family owned business like this one, is simply the best of all worlds.

Today I’d like to talk about some key ingredients that can be a game changer in the “fight” part of the aging process and give you some insight as to what we do here at our company.

There are so many “Anti-aging” products that make claims that cannot be backed up with science.

I’d like to give you some science that you can apply to your products and create the ultimate “age perfect” skin and hair-care line.


The skin is the largest organ of the body. It is an effective barrier against the detrimental attacts of environmental effects and xenobiotic agents (e.g., harmful chemicals and genotoxins). Strong or chronic exposition to a variety of external stresses like UV radiation AKA solar UV, may contribute to premature skin aging, or skin cancer. With so many chemicals in the air from so many sources, it is tough for the skin to fight this daily attack from both the environment and solar radiation.  Then coupled with many products on the market not being skin and hair friendly, i.e. chemical surfactants, abusive abrasions products, too high a pH for the skin, just to name a few, it is hard or almost impossible for the skin to recover without premature aging.  We are on a constant search for strategic prevention to circumvent this situation.

There is Hope: Real science

Plant based Solutions: This science has been gleaned from ScienceDirect papers written by Bhushan P. Pimple and Sachin L. Badole. (2014 Volume 1)

To supplement the skin’s antioxidant arsenal, there is some magic in several plants called Polyphenols (AKA polyhydroxyphenols’) which can be used as potent cosmeceutics. This super-family of naturally phytochemicals is gaining popularity because of their skin benefits e.g. prevention, protection and repair of photo-induced damages.  They modulate the signaling pathways of the skin, enhancing the antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antitumoral and anti-aging properties.

These have proven effective on slowing this process. Some of these incredible plant-derived polyphenolic substances are Hydraulic acid, curcumin, myricetin, quercetin, allon, catechin, epicatechin, and resveratrol.  All of these, and a long list of other wonderful plant-based additives may sound like a foreign language, or chemicals, but I assure you they are neither.  Seeing these on labels may at first cause you concern, but I can tell you they are naturally occurring plant additives that make our products effectiveness and performance the best anywhere. We pride ourselves on creating the best of all worlds for our clients and bring their dreams of the most effective and natural products to market.

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