Beauty consumers are seeking fundamental solutions for skin health that are grounded in science and observable improvement but still holistically balance their wellness needs with more natural and organic plant based ingredients .

·       A new generation of skintellectuals is demanding natural solutions that balance wellness with science to reach skin health improvement

·       The Challenge: To leverage ingredient technology grounded in science and with natural aspects that is understandable to consumers

Health as the New Wealth

Deep Beauty consumers believe in wellness and ascribe to ‘health as the new wealth’ but are pragmatic in balancing science and observable results with aspirational aspects of products. They are generally younger (aged under 35) but represent a large addressable market of 42 million consumers in the US alone. As self-ascribed ‘skintellectuals’, Deep Beauty consumers are digitally savvy and confident in their ability to learn and evaluate product benefits through what they hear from bloggers or read through their own research. This makes them more demanding, but at the same time helps to balance their expectations, orienting them to a longer-term view of skin health appearance improvement. Their long-term view makes these consumers conscious about what they are buying, both ecologically and holistically. The rapid growth of the dermacosmetics category is in part a response to this search for more fundamental, science-based solutions. Dermacosmetics is forecast to grow 6.5{e12c0cf0eebb0f072b6683a0a48eb16594d80091c3d09684172fc9929c7c2cd7} through 2024.

The real art in formulation is in the combination of ingredients, along with a great delivery system.  We here at Private Label Skincare Florida pride ourselves on our innovative ways to combing the best ingredients, doing hours of research to put together the combination that will target exactly the concerns of the clients. One of our great suppliers has come up with a great delivery system that actually delivers our combination Hero ingredients to the skin for maximum results.

Delivery Technologies

Delivery technologies offer an effective way to enhance cosmetic formulation performance though an approach that is understandable to these consumers. These technologies use vesicles of various forms to protect cosmetic active ingredients in a formulation and to enhance their delivery upon use to the skin. They enhance performance by:

  • protecting the chemical stability of a cosmetic active ingredient, thereby enabling more activity by the active upon use
  • enhancing bioavailability of a cosmetic active to the skin, and
  • with some technologies, improving the targeting of an active ingredient in the skin

As such, delivery systems can provide a powerful storytelling element that is grounded in science. Through use of an enabling technology like delivery systems, consumers can still enjoy the benefits of their favorite active ingredient, but they can be more confident that the active will perform to its upmost potential.

We are constantly growing and finding more and more ways to serve out clients every need.

Fastest Growing Private Label Company

For this reason, we have become the fastest growing Private Label company.  We just expanded into producing supplements of all kinds, and color as well. We are putting into place mega equipment to  do sample pouching, and product pouching for many industries.

Call us today to get your best beauty product on the market with the winning delivery systems that will make your clients jump for joy at the results.

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